A typically Savoyard hotel near Annemasse.

The interior decoration is typical of Savoyard homes, with wood predominant throughout, creating softness and warmth in a friendly atmosphere. The beds feature soft, cosy duvets to ensure a restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

An authentic, personalised mountain ambiance, far removed from that often offered by standard hotel chains…

A hotel that has made sustainable development one of its core concerns

When you live in such beautiful, abundant nature, as hotel manager Laurence Vandeweghe will tell you with conviction, protecting it and conserving its resources are natural concerns.
Great care is taken with recycling, lighting comes predominantly from energy-saving light bulbs, all bathrooms have been fitted with Italian-style showers, which are more comfortable and use less water, a condensing boiler has replaced less energy-efficient heating equipment, phosphate-free detergents are used… using fewer raw materials and respecting the environment come naturally to the Hôtel Porte de Genève.

A hotel between Annemasse and Annecy, just a short hop from Switzerland

The Hôtel Porte de Genève offers 47 rooms. Whether for business travel, professional events or simply to enjoy the Savoie region, there are a thousand reasons to visit the area around Geneva: staying at the Hôtel Porte de Genève, located within immediate proximity of the heart of Geneva and Lake Geneva, is the ideal solution to enjoy high quality services at a very reasonable price.

For your pleasure, you can also enjoy a generous, varied buffet breakfast at the hotel and dinners at the “Le bistrot des alpes” restaurant.

We are available and happy to help you throughout your stay.

Why choose the Hôtel Porte de Genève

Localisation - Hôtel porte de Genève

An exceptional

Hôtel Porte de Genève - Wifi gratuit

Free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

Soirées etapes

Breaks with dinner
from €94

Hôtel Porte de Genève - Parking

A free car park with 45 parking places